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Counterfeit JVC products are being sold within the United States. These products do NOT perform to JVC specifications and are not covered by any warranty from JVC. We are working with US Customs and other organizations to stop the import and sale of counterfeit products in the United States. To ensure the product that you are buying is Genuine JVC we recommend purchasing only from an authorized JVC dealer. A list of authorized dealers can be found at this LINK on our website.

Special Note regarding Marketplaces and Auction Sites: Many of the JVC products listed on Auction Sites and Marketplaces are sold by people not authorized by JVC. Many of these products are counterfeit. JVC will not honor warranties on counterfeit products.

close Important Notice Regarding Online Purchases

At JVC, we strive to make your online purchases part of "the perfect experience" -- one that is enjoyable and can be made with confidence.

To that end, JVC has carefully identified a select group of online retailers who share our high standards and have made a commitment to provide you with information, support and service. Specifically, JVC has chosen to authorize these select online retailers because we have requested that they:

  • Ship only brand new factory-sealed products;
  • Provide a secure website for online transactions;
  • Maintain in-stock inventory ready and available to ship;
  • Make available trained sales personnel familiar with the latest JVC product information, and who are willing and able to answer your product questions knowledgeably;
  • Display web pages with the most recent and up-to-date product availability and pricing information;
  • Provide readily available customer service staff to handle any concerns you may have regarding your purchase;
  • Provide either in-house warranty service or service through a JVC Authorized Service Center.

Please click on the link below for a list of JVC authorized online retailers.

JVC products are occasionally sold by online retailers who are not authorized to sell JVC products. You should be aware that the products these unauthorized retailers sell:

  • May be refurbished rather than new;
  • Might not include all accessories;
  • Might not include a valid United States warranty;
  • Could be models not meant for sale in the United States.

For these reasons, you should make sure to purchase products from JVC authorized retailers.

Thank you for visiting JVC.com. We hope you enjoy your buying experience!

Full HD 3D Everio - GS-TD1BUS - Editing
  • Editing

    Everio MediaBrowser 3D (for Windows®) Provided

    GS-TD1 comes with high-value PC software that provides everything from viewing, data management, simple editing, as well as easy uploading to YouTube™/Facebook, within a single application.

    Data Management and Editing
    There’s a variety of functions to let you fully enjoy recorded 3D video/stills. Even more features are anticipated with future upgrades.

    Full HD 3D Video

    • Disc backup
    • Copy back to Everio
    • 3D playback on PC*
    • Convert to Side-by-Side 3D Video*
    • 3D upload to YouTube™*

    Side-by-Side 3D Video
    • 3D Playback on PC
    • Disc creation (BD/DVD)
    • 3D upload to YouTube™
    • Editing (Cutting, Combining, Effects, etc.)

    3D Still Images
    • Viewing
    • Editing (Various re-touch functions available)
    * These functions are available by free update released on June 3rd, 2011.

    3D & 2D Disc Creation*
    Recordings in the Full HD 3D mode can be burned to a Blu-ray or DVD disc in the format of your choice – Side-by-Side 3D video or Full HD 2D video.
    * These functions are available by free update released on June 3rd, 2011.